Day 191-192, 3rd-4th December, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Jitrava (Czech Republic)

We drove into Warsaw on 3rd December and fund a parking place close to Castle Square. Two very friendly Polish people helped us operate the complicated parking meter and we then noted a sad little memorial to eleven injured patients from a hospital who were too ill to escape through the sewers and two nurses who stayed with them during the uprising of 1944 and were all executed by the Nazis. After getting no help from a grumpy woman in a shop when Jennifer wanted some Xmas cards, we looked round a church which was built in 1886 and miraculously survived the war, then went to see the Royal Palace. It was bombed to the ground during the war and I was in Warsaw when the rebuilding started in 1971. I gave 10p towards the cost. A lot of money in those days. It was closed when we went and a grumpy woman wouldn’t let us in although there was a party of school kids being shown round. A waste of 10p. Dinner was some delicious kebabs from an Arabic fast food place (the bloke wasn’t grumpy) and then we drove to Wroclaw.
A nice old-town part with pre-war German-style houses but nothing famous or particularly interesting. Had a minor altercation with a grumpy taxi driver then found a supermarket and got no help from a grumpy shop girl when we wanted something. We drove into the Czech Republic and spent the night at a service area with endless free wifi.

Royal Palace, built in 14th century, rebuilt 1971.
Castle Square
Old town walls
Old town gate
Street scene

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